Fibroids and Heavy Bleeding


A 39 year old woman presented with heavy bleeding. She was planning a pregnancy. 


A pelvic ultrasound revealed an 80mm fibroid at the top of the uterus.


These pictures show a Laparoscopic Myomectomy. An incision is made over the fibroid in the uterus. The fibroid is removed (morcellated) and the uterus is closed.

The uterus is a normal size at the end of the operation and suitable for carrying a pregnancy. The operation lasts 90 minutes.


The woman made an excellent recovery. The woman made an excellent recovery. The heavy bleeding resolved.

Fibroid being removed
Uterus after fibroid removed

Uterus after fibroid removed

Fibroid being removed

uterus closed at end
Fibroid is morcellated

 Fibroid is morcellated

Fibroid next to uterus (left)

Fibroid next to uterus

Uterus closed at end