Recurrent Ovarian Cysts


A 27 year old woman presented with a recurrent left ovarian cyst. She had previously had a large ovarian cyst removed overseas at the age of 18 years. This was performed as a laparotomy and she recalls a long recovery in hospital.


A pelvic ultrasound revealed an 8cm left ovarian cyst and a smaller 3.8cm right ovarian cyst. Tumour markers were normal suggesting benign cysts.


An Operative Laparoscopy was performed. This revealed a large left ovarian cyst and a smaller right ovarian cyst. The pathology revealed bilateral benign serous cystadenomata.


The woman made a rapid recovery following a laparoscopic procedure.

Large left ovarian cyst. There are significant adhesions involving bowel, ovaries and uterus

The adhesions are divided to reveal to left ovarian cyst. The cyst is then removed

A smaller right ovarian cyst is removed to leave a normal right ovary

The end of the operation showing two normal ovaries – ongoing healing will continue