Ovarian Cysts - Ovarian Cystectomy


A 37 year old woman presented with episodes of excruciating pelvic pain.


A pelvic ultrasound revealed two large cysts on the left side – one ovarian cyst (7cm) and one cyst (3cm) near the left ovary.


She subsequently underwent laparoscopy and the pain resolved.

case 6-1.jpg

Demonstrates partial torsion of the left Fallopian Tube. There is a large left Ovarian Cyst

case 6-2.jpg

Large left Ovarian Cyst and smaller left para – tubal cyst

case 6-3.jpg

A left Ovarian Cystectomy is performed. The left para-tubal cyst is also removed

case 6-4.jpg

The normal pelvis at the end of the procedure demonstrating a normal left ovary and tube