Endomtriosis (Ovarian Cyst) - Laparoscopy


A 36 year old woman presented with severe dysmenorrhoea. She had been trying to fall pregnant for 12 months.


A pelvic ultrasound revealed a 5cm right ovarian cyst – suggestive of endometriosis.


She subsequently underwent a laparoscopy and conceived spontaneously 6 months later.

case 8-1.jpeg

Right ovarian endometrioma is very adherent to right pelvic side wall

case 8-2.jpeg

Close up of right ovarian endometrioma

case 8-3.jpeg

The right ovary is mobilized and the endometrioma is stripped out

case 8-4.jpeg

The left ovary is adherent to the left side wall. This is mobilized and underlying endometriosis is excised. This involves dissection in the Pouch of Douglas – near the rectum.

case 8-5.jpeg

The pelvis at the end of the procedure. Both ovaries are now mobile and all endometriosis has been excised