Laparoscopy & Cystectomy for Ovarian Cyst & Endometriosis


A 33 year old woman presented with primary infertility.


A pelvic USS revealed a bilobed right ovarian cyst (57mm and 82mm). There was minimal ovarian tissue seen separate to the large cyst.


A laparoscopic right ovarian cystectomy was performed and the pathology revealed dermoid cysts. Normal right ovarian tissue was preserved. Endometriosis of the Left Utero-sacral ligament was excised.


She subsequently conceived spontaneously.

Laparoscopic view of large right ovarian cyst. The endometriosis is seen as a black pigmented area.

Laparoscopic view of the large right ovarian cyst.


Large bilobed right ovarian cyst.

The cyst is stripped out and normal ovarian tissue is preserved.


The endometriosis of the left Utero-sacral ligament is excised.


The pelvic at the end of the procedure. Ongoing re-modelling of the right ovarian tissue will occur over the next 4 weeks.