Painful Menstruation


A 43 year old woman presented with a long history of dysmenorrhoea which was mainly localised to the right side.


A Laparoscopy was performed to investigate the pain. This revealed an area of irregularity at the top of the uterus.


The area was removed and the pathology revealed an adenomyoma. This is a well defined area of adenomyosis (a benign condition). The operation lasts 40 minutes.


The uterus is a normal size at the end of the operation and suitable for carrying a pregnancy. 

The patient recovered well and the pain resolved.

The uterus with a prominent area of irregularity at the top (adenomyoma)

The adenomyoma is removed. This is seen on the left next to the uterus

The uterus at the end after the adenomyoma is removed. Ongoing healing will continue