Unexplained Infertility


A 26 year old woman presented for a second opinion. She had unexplained infertility. She had no pain. She had had an unsuccessful cycle of IVF elsewhere.


She was not keen to do IVF again and thus underwent a Laparoscopy. This diagnostic procedure revealed significant full thickness bowel endometriosis (involving recto-sigmoid). The ovaries were both normal and mobile.


She subsequently underwent a Laparoscopic Bowel Resection.


She recovered well from this procedure. She achieved a successful pregnancy following natural conception.


Puckered and pigmented area is full thickness bowel endometriosis (involving recto-sigmoid)

endometriosis removed

The bowel has been mobilised and the area of endometriosis removed. A normal right ovary is seen.

normal _bowel

The (normal) bowel has been joined onto (normal) rectum. The end of the operation