Cystectomy- Ovarian Dermoid Cyst


A 20 year old woman presented with a history of intermittent severe sharp shooting pelvic pain.


A pelvic ultrasound revealed a 45mm left ovarian dermoid cyst. It is unusual for a dermoid of this size (considered small) to result in pain.


She subsequently underwent laparoscopic left ovarian dermoid cystectomy. The pathology revealed a benign dermoid cyst with a molar tooth. This large area of sharp calcification is likely to have caused the pain.


The pain resolved post operatively.

Laparoscopic view of left dermoid cyst.


The left dermoid cyst seen within the ovary.

The ovarian tissue is carefully dissected to reveal the dermoid cyst.


The dermoid cyst is removed and the normal ovarian tissue remains.


The pelvis at the end of the procedure. Ongoing remodelling of the left ovary will continue over the next few weeks.