Laparoscopy - Mucinous Cystadenoma


A 63 year old woman presented with a short history of abdominal swelling.


A pelvic ultrasound revealed a 95mm multiseptated cyst of the left ovary. All tumour markers were normal - suggesting a benign lesion.


She subsequently underwent laparoscopic removal of both ovaries and tubes. The cyst and ovary were removed intact.


The pathology confirmed a benign mucinous cystadenoma. She made an excellent recovery.

Laparoscopic view of large left ovarian cyst. Adjacent to this is a normal right ovary and appendix.


The normal right ovary and tube are removed.

The left ovary and tube are removed intact.


Laparoscopic view of the pelvis at the end of the procedure. There is an incidental finding of a small pedunculated fibroid.