Ovarian Cysts - Cystectomy & Oophorectomy


A 46 year old woman presented with severe dysmenorrhoea.


A pelvic USS revealed large bilateral ovarian cysts. The right ovarian cyst was 9cm and multi-septated. The left ovarian cyst was 7cm and simple (no septations and filled with clear fluid).


She had a Laparoscopic left ovarian cystectomy and right oophorectomy (removal of right ovary).


The pathology revealed a left ovarian follicular cyst and three right ovarian cysts consisting of simple serous, haemorrhagic cyst and endometriotic cyst. All lesions were benign.

The large bilateral ovarian cysts at the start of the procedure.


A left ovarian cystectomy is performed. Normal left ovarian tissue is preserved.

The end of the procedure. The left ovary is seen. The right ovary has been removed.