Endometriosis - Laparoscopy for Endometriosis


A 21 year old woman presented with chronic pelvic pain. She was seeking a second opinion.


She had had a Laparoscopy for endometriosis 12 months prior. She was experiencing ongoing pelvic pain. A pelvic USS was normal.


She subsequently had a laparoscopy which revealed recurrent endometriosis. All areas of endometriosis were meticulously excised. A Mirena was inserted post-operatively.


She achieved excellent pain relief.

The laparoscopic view of the pelvis. Areas of scarring are seen in the Pouch of Douglas.


The right pelvic side wall is dissected and endometriosis removed.

The right Utero-sacral ligament endometriosis is excised.


The left pelvic side wall is dissected and endometriosis excised.

The view of the pelvis at the end of the procedure. All areas of recurrent endometriosis have been excised.