Laparoscopy - Endosalpingiosis


A 16 year old girl presented with a long history of pelvic pain. She described severe period pain and also intermittent sharp shooting pelvic pains.


She had trialled numerous OCPs but these were ineffective. She subsequently underwent laparoscopy and this revealed endosalpingiosis which was excised.


This refers to ectopic lining of the tissue of the Fallopian Tube. It is similar to endometriosis (which is the ectopic lining of the uterus). Endosalpingiosis is not thought to be progressive in the same way that endometriosis is. A Mirena IUCD was inserted post operatively to minimise the risk that the endosalpingiosis will re-proliferate.


She made an excellent recovery and was pain free.

Endosalpingiosis of the left para-rectal area - seen as clear cystic lesions.


Excision of the endosalpingiosis involving left para-rectal area and left utero-sacral ligament.



Excision of endosalpingiosis of the right side wall and right utero-sacral ligament.


Laparoscopic view of the pelvic demonstrating a large dissection near the rectum to remove all the disease.